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Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie has one general meeting, open to the public, every third Wednesday of the month. There are also several committees to get involved with. Check out the information below and contact a committee leader to get involved! Here we will post our current initiatives! 


H.R. 848 The Regulatory Certainty Act 

Summary of H.R. 848 as written by the Congressional Research Service: 

This bill amends the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 to specify that animal waste, manure, and fertilizer are excluded from the Act's requirements if the waste, manure, or fertilizer originates from or is utilized by an agricultural operation.

Citizen suits may not be brought under the Act against an agricultural operation if federal or state legal and enforcement actions are already underway. 

This Bill is Bull!

Laws need to protect people, not polluters!

Call your representatives and urge them to oppose the Farm Regulatory Certainty Act!

This bill protects polluting factory farms at the expense of family farmers and their neighbors. This proposal will harm rural communities who are disproportionately reliant on private well water and also most likely to be located near large industrial agricultural facilities. Spread the Word!


ACLE Yard Signs!


Do you live on a busy road with lots of traffic? 

Show your support! 

Signs are available for purchase at any ACLE meeting or by request at


Each sign cost $10 to produce and $10 to buy.

profit ACLE does not off the sale of these signs. 


             ACLE Local Postcard Initiative! 



We consistently send post cards to elected


officals to tell them we want the impaired

status for our suffering Watershed!


Attend an ACLE meeting to get a post card -

you sign it, we'll send it! 


Current Postcard Recipients:  

Sen. Rob Portman

 37 W. Broad St.

Columbus OH43215



Sen. Sherrod Brown

200 N. High St. #614

Columbus OH 43215



Gov. John Kasich

Riffe Center 30th Fl.

77 S. High St.

Columbus OH 43215



Rep. Robert Latta

800-278-8203 (fax)

800-541-6446 (phone)

Don't Wait for the Next Meeting! Contact YOUR Local Officials Today! 

Ask them why they aren't doing something about our water crisis. What's their excuse for allowing 700,000,000 gallons of untreated animal waste to be spread on agricultural fields and drain into our drinking water supply?


Call, E-mail, and Write your Local Representatives to insist they declare the

Western Basin of Lake Erie to be designated as an impaired watershed!


                                    The Lake Can't Wait! 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”                                                    -- Margaret Mead 

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