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1. Action

Contact Sue Carter using the form below or at 


Our action committee puts together local events to raise awareness, educate the public and urge officials to take action to protect our drinking water! Get involved to help plan events, notify members of opportunities, and join us in demonstrations, fundraisers, and ACLE events!



2. Communications

Contact Mike Ferner using the form below or at


Our communications committee writes press releases for the news media and email bulletins to people on our mailing list.  We would like to do more with social media. 



3. Education

Contact _______ using the form below or at


Our education committee updates our slideshow, "The Third Battle for Lake Erie," and trains people who want to be presenters.  We need someone to head up this part.



4. Research

Contact Sam Wright using the form below or at

Our Research Committee is investigating State and Federal CAFO standards, TMDLs, and EPA activities regarding Western Lake Erie Basin agricultural runoff. We've also started conducting our own stream sampling. Contact Sam to get involved! 



5. Policy and Legislation

Contact Marj Mulcahy using the form below or at


The Policy and Legislation Committee educates elected officials, attends meetings to ask questions and get support for an impaired watershed.

6. Outreach/Scheduling

Contact Libby Marsh using the form below or at


Outreach works to create partnerships with local organizations that would like to support our efforts or host a presentation.  Scheduling handles all ACLE presentation events and questions. Contact Libby Marsh if your group wants to schedule a presentation.  


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”                                                    -- Margaret Mead 

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